I’m the president of a consumer products company on Elmer Street, in Madison.  We make and market a number of consumer products that are sold in drug, food and mass chains nationally.  Our product line includes The Natural Dentist® and Stim-U-Dent® Plaque Removers.

If you are familiar with our brands (and our customers) you are probably guessing we’re a pretty big outfit.  Not so.  We run our business with a grand total of six people.

Anyone that owns a small company knows that you have to have a hand in every part of your business. And one of my personal passions is making sure we listen and help when one of our consumers calls with a complaint.

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One evening I took a call from a long-time Stim-U-Dent customer.  His name was Gary Rowe.  Together, we decided that the new Stim-U-Dent THIN was best for him because he had tight spaces between his teeth.  The problem though, was that it was a new product launch and he had trouble finding it in Walgreens in his area of the country.  I offered to send him a supply to hold him over until the new product reached his Walgreens store, which I did, along with with my business card and a hand-written note.

I didn’t think much about it, since making sure our customers are happy is nothing out of the ordinary for our company.  That was until last week when I received a custom-made, sterling silver pendant necklace, shaped like a Stim-U-Dent that he hand-made as a way of saying ‘Thank You’.  Along with the beautiful pendant and silver chain, was a letter of appreciation from Gary.  The letter explained that it took many months to create the design and to achieve the detail replication he wanted.

When I called Gary to personally thank him, his daughter answered the phone and knew who I was right away, as her dad had spoken so highly of the service he received from our company.  She explained that her dad spent his nights as a police officer, in Arkansas, and slept much of the day but had taught her his side business of making custom badges and custom jewelry.

What started as a regular day satisfying a Stim-U-Dent user ended up giving me a treasured necklace and a personal friend for life.  Out of this incredibly generous ‘Thank You’ from Gary Rowe – we are now considering ordering several of these as gifts to our top sales people.  Good customer service goes a long way.