1. Start Early!!
  2. Visit Schools – even if you think your parents are annoying on campus tours.
  3. Buckle Down – grades matter (every year and throughout senior year!)
  4. Write Your Own Essay – don’t tell the college what you think they want to hear. Be yourself; tell your story.
  5. Prepare for your Standardized Tests – every little bit helps so get comfortable with sitting for four hours straight!
  6. Get to Know your Teachers and Counselor – the better they know and understand you, the better your letters of recommendation will capture the essence of you!
  7. Get Involved – find activities you love doing and become an active participant and leader. Colleges want students who will make an impact on campus.
  8. Create a Well-Balanced College List – just because you think you have a chance of getting into a school doesn’t mean it’s the right place for you.  Remember, college is more than just academics!
  9. Use Naviance – it’s an awesome tool to understand acceptance statistics at a college, keep track of your college list, and research colleges.
  10. Talk about other things with your friends and family aside from college – it will help with stress management!

Thank you so much to those Admit U grads who shared their advice! The college admissions process, from freshman through senior year, can seem daunting but you are not alone.  Getting advice from upperclassmen is always helpful and Admit U Consulting is available with a host of resources and assistance!