Dear Editor,

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Kathy Abbott and Mike Kelly for Chatham Township Committee. As a 12-year resident of the Township,and someone who is quite involved on a local level, I cannot stress enough how important it is to elect strong, effective, ethical candidates to our Township Committee.

I have worked closely with Kathy for almost 2 years on the Colony Advisory Committee, and more recently, on the Community Garden Advisory Committee. Kathy is solutions-oriented, hands-on and action-oriented; a thoughtful, individual thinker who is always looking for creative solutions to accomplish the task at hand. She strives to find ways to improve the quality of life for all Township residents, while being fiscally prudent and responsible.

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Despite the challenges of working side-by-side with some personalities that are difficult and unethical, Kathy never places blame but focuses on reaching consensus and finding solutions, even when faced with disparate opinions. She has a holistic approach to Government and decision-making that is vital to our success as a Township.

I have seen first-hand, how she is able to tackle inefficiencies and obstacles, creating an environment and solutions that improve upon what we have in the Township for all residents. It is rare to come across an individual as honest, ethical, passionate, intelligent and caring as Kathy Abbott.

Mike Kelly is measured, thoughtful, and inclusive. With his journalism experience, he will be a fact-gatherer and listen to all facets of every situation before making a rational, considered response. He strikes me as an intellectual who is also firmly practical. On June 3rd please vote, and when you do, please cast your vote for Kathy Abbott and Mike Kelly.

Jessica Romeo, 49 Pine Street, Chatham Township