CHATHAM, NJ - Friendraiser/Fundraiser was held in honor of Kathy Abbott and Mike Kelly running for Township Committee on Saturday April 26 at the home of Laura and John Nonnenmacher

More than 50 excited people were in attendance including Senator Leanna Brown, her chief of staff Anna Riker, committee member Bob Gallop, Chatham Township Republican Committee Chair Tom Basta, former Planning Board Chair Lydia Chambers and several other community leaders and residents.  Fun and great conversations were had by all.

“I have never seen anyone dedicate more time to the volunteer role of Township Committee than my colleague, Kathy Abbott," Gallop said.  "She often downplays, out of humility I might add, her impressive economic credentials beginning with her degree from Georgetown. I’m also equally delighted that Mike Kelly has the leadership experience derived from his time as Editor/Publisher of the Independent Press, President of the Rotary Club and President of the Chamber of Commerce.

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"He now has the free time to dedicate to the people of Chatham Township working with them collaboratively on ways to share services and save tax payers money. Hard work is the key to the success of the town and they are two of the hardest working, talented people I’ve ever known and worked with"

“Communication is a great thing, but only if its two sided," said Laura Ali Nonnenmacher, former Chatham Township Committeewoman, PTO President and 2015 candidate for NJ State Assembly.  In today’s economy and in order to make the greatest impact on reduction of property taxes, realize the true potential of our town and execute a fiscal conservative agenda – its collaboration that we need.  Kathy and Mike are the party of respect, engaging others opinions and acting in the best interest of all tax payers."

“This election is particularly important because the ticket of Mike Kelly and Kathy Abbott are the ‘Say NO to Coup’ team.  We need to make sure that truth, integrity and honesty are always chosen over personal agenda and that is why we as family are so proudly advocating and supporting Mike Kelly and Kathy Abbott for Township Committee," said Board of Education Member John Nonnenmacher.

For more information on how to help out the Kathy Abbott and Mike Kelly team email them at or follow them on facebook at