To the Editor,

Hi All..the polls are open and I encourage all of you to exercise your right and privilege to vote.

I do not know Kevin Sullivan but am able to recognize that both he and Kathy Abbott are working (unpaid) toward bettering Chatham, the community where I choose to live and raise my 2 daughters. I commend both for this! Both candidates deserve us to get to the polls today.

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It would, however, be remiss of me not to share this story...Last year, I received Bailey Brower's despicable 'Watchdog Report'  berating Kathy Abbott. I was beyond offended and angered at his rant. I immediately called Kevin to voice my concerns and ask him to publicly make a statement, as Chatham Township Mayor, assuring the citizens that the sentiments of Bailey's were not his or any other member of the Township Commitee.

Mr. Sullivan returned my call and we spoke at length. He was pleasant and respectful to me and allowed me to voice my opinion. He said he understood my point of view and we shared a very amicable conversation. However, he ended by saying, and I quote, 'boys will be boys' as his defense to Bailey's rant and basically told me he would not make any statement on the people of Chatham's behalf.   Also, that if I wanted to send out a letter of my own, it was my right to. I was flabbergasted!

I was encouraged to bully a bully.
As a taxpayer and a mom of two school-aged children in town, I know how much money is being poured into our schools for anti-bullying campaigns, assemblies, counselors etc. Yet, here we are, the leader of Chatham, being complacent when a woman, a mom, a neighbor, a volunteer, a human being in Chatham is literally being bullied.

I was really disappointed.

As many of you know, a very similar letter was sent by Mr. Dan Miller, the head of the Chatham Republican Committee, nonetheless, to private residences this past week.  Please note that the letters were paid for by none other than Bailey Brower himself.  This is 2015 people. I refuse to sit back, silently, and allow the 'boys' to bully a woman. I believe, if for no other reason, that Kathy deserves a shot just based on her resilience and her desire to still want to volunteer in Chatham, despite this blatant disrespect and smearing of her name. Again, I do not know Mr. Sullivan and I'm very aware that he did not send out any of these biased, hate-filled letters BUT  he did quietly sit back and very deliberately do nothing to stop them. I'm a woman with daughters and I believe in standing up and setting an example for my girls that this type of behavior will NOT be tolerated.

If you are a woman, have a mom, a sister, a daughter, a wife or a conscience, I encourage you all to vote for Kathy Abbott today.

Gretchen Dorrego

Chatham Township