When you work to shake up the status quo and ask critical questions of government, you become the target of the political elite. I have unfortunately gotten used to how personally vindictive campaigns can be even in our close-knit town. I am re-running for Township Committee because I am confident the Township Committee members can go back to the days when they were selfless, collegial, discussed issues openly, and let the volunteer committees do their jobs without threat of being dismissed without warning. If I am elected, the balance of power will change so that our Township Committee can operate as a more level-headed, open and rational group.

My opponent Kevin Sullivan is part of the same political machine that stooped to cheap political stunts to lie to voters and narrowly defeat me last year. The Chatham Courier had called these last minute political games from Sullivan’s allies “an embarrassment not only to the Township Committee, but the township as a whole.” My opponents were called out for their “rabid vindictiveness.”

This year, Sullivan’s campaign is an all out assault on the intelligence of our town’s voters. Our neighbors in Chatham Township are too smart and accomplished to get fooled by the fear tactics and dishonest propaganda my opponent’s been serving up over the last few weeks. They’ve dished up a list of ridiculous lies about me, including saying I would force fictional river paths and fictional dog parks on private property, saying I urged others to sue the town, and saying I don’t respect the U.S. military. What rubbish!  Meanwhile, I have not told a single lie about Sullivan.

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My campaign has been focused on facts and a plan to make our future even brighter by taking common-sense, conservative steps to hold politicians and bureaucrats accountable and promote a more open and transparent local government. I have a record of bringing people together to improve our quality of life without impacting local taxpayers.

Working together with local volunteers, we improved our skate park with private donations, secured a $578,000 dollar grant to improve local infrastructure and worked with our friends in Chatham Borough to develop shared services that save money like the community garden. I helped to organize the volunteer effort that brought our neighbors together and forced politicians to block the oil pipeline from being built in our backyards. These are just a few accomplishments that can be achieved when we value our volunteers and partner with them to do more with less money from Chatham Taxpayers.

My plan is simple: give more power to our residents and volunteers to shape the future of Chatham Township, and force local politicians and taxpayer funded bureaucrats to be accountable to taxpayers.

With your support in Tuesday’s Primary Election, we can end the political games, personal attacks and malicious targeting of local volunteers of my opponent and promote a government that lives by our shared Republican principles. I look forward to protecting our volunteer boards and committees and giving residents a seat at the table in creating a long-range plan for our community.

I will fight for performance reviews for government bureaucrats and tie compensation for taxpayer funded workers to their performance. I will make government more transparent on how they spend your money by ensuring a department-by-department budget is reviewed by the entire Township Committee, and holding public workshops where we discuss the budget and our long-range finances so residents are given the opportunity to take a critical look at government spending.

My opponent has chosen to end his campaign in a tailspin, now even lying about an endorsement by Congressman Frelinghuysen. Frelinghuysen does not endorse in local Republican Primaries. Moreover, the day after I narrowly lost the Primary Election last year, I saw the Congressman at the Morris County League of Municipalities meeting and he encouraged me to not give up on public service just because of one campaign loss.

I have continued to promote a vision for our future and the notion that our town is too small and our voters are too sophisticated to fall prey to political games and schoolyard tactics. I have dedicated the last dozen years to giving back to the community we all love as a volunteer. I have stepped up to run for Township Committee because we deserve a local government that values the opinions and ideas that stream from our residents and volunteers.

Please join me in ending politics as usual and setting a course for an even brighter, more affordable future for Chatham Township. I humbly ask for your support in Tuesday’s election.