To the Editor,

To set the record straight, I have never received any email from Education Counts, only from parents on behalf of "Education Focused." I am not associated with Education Counts and never even knew the group existed until after I expressed my anger at the unsolicited email sent on behalf of "Education Focused."

I never used the word "stolen" as claimed by Ms. O'Brien. I said the email list wasmisappropriated, abused, and hijacked for personal purposes. No matter how "well-intentioned" you think you are, the integrity of the district email lists depend on parents using them respectfully for the intended purpose. If I thought it was essential to our community to elect a certain candidate, would I send an email to all parents in the district directory? No. It would be unethical and that is what parents did on behalf of "Education Focused". 

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I am not in any way associated with the school district. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you say during your meeting that performing arts programming is being cut back and I can see with my own two eyes that every program that previously existed for my child is still there and a new one has been added, then don't expect me to not call you out as being misinformed. My opinion was backed up by evidence that anyone can easily verify.

If you want people to believe you, then you shouldn't abuse their trust. You should also provide evidence to support your opinion. If there is someplace else to put more STEM classrooms at CMS when the largest class in the history of the Chathams has just entered sixth grade, then I would truly like to know where that might be? Is there some unutilized space somewhere?  "Education Focused" provides no evidence to back up this claim.

My "negativity" is due to the fact that I am furious at the way the district email list was used and the only thing I stand to gain from this referendum is a better education for my children.

Tina Petersen