The Center for Life Transition was established in 1999 with the goal of using innovative and caring treatment to “transform trauma in to resilience.” The Center is a safe place for people to say everything they have experienced, relieve stress from a dramatically changed life, reduce isolation, and gain an understanding of one’s coping style to help foster positive choices.

People who have suffered the death of a loved one, experienced a difficult divorce, been devastated by a job loss, begun fighting cancer, or faced other major life changes have benefited from the unique counseling services offered at CFLT

Support Groups
Sometimes it's helpful to share thoughts and feelings about our experiences with others. Being connected with other people who have had similar experiences can be comforting. Support groups are also a place where difficult issues can be dealt with in an environment of caring and understanding. We offer free bereavement support groups that are open to adults who have lost a loved one. Facilitated by professionally trained grief and bereavement experts, our groups provide members with an opportunity to share their experiences in a caring setting.

Individual Counseling
Many people prefer a more individualized experience instead of or in addition to what a support group can provide. The therapists at CFLT will meet with couples, individuals, or several members of the same family to assist them through their bereavement process. Children and adults of all ages are welcome. Our professionals work with you and your family to tailor a treatment program that meets your unique needs and goals.

For more information about the Center for Life Transition or to learn ore about their bereavement support membership program call  at (973) 908-6004 or 973-635-2428.