Check out our great selection of new Mandevilla plants at the Farm at Green Village. Mandevilla plants are the perfect addition for around your pool or climbing a trellis in your backyard to give it a tropical look. They are deer resistant, good for containers, low maintenance and can grow to up to 20 feet.

They produce large vines with trumpet shaped pink, white or red flowers. Growing Mandevilla is easy if you have the right conditions. They require partial shade and a lot of air circulation around the plant to prevent mildew. Mandevilla thrive in loose, well drained soil mixed with organic matter like Gardners Gold Soil.

To get your Mandevilla to bloom through the entire summer, give it water solublem phosphorus fertilizer every two weeks. Once temperatures go below 50 degrees, you can bring your Mandevilla indoors for the winter. Place your plant in a window with bright indirect light and water it when the soil is dry to the touch. Make sure you check you plant carefully for any pests before bringing it indoors. You can also cut back the plant to one third its growth.

This plant is a favorite with our customers. It is an easy to grow show stopper.