How are your vegetables doing?
Have they hit a wall with their growth spurt?
Are the leaves getting eaten or turning yellow?

It may be time to bump up your soil or add some defense to your crops. Here at The Farm, we carry a variety of products to help combat those pesky bugs or fungus, in addition to fertilizers. It may be time to incorporate some healthy nutrients back into the soil so your plants continue to thrive all Summer long. 

There are two ways to combat bugs in your garden, systemic and through contact. Systemic means that the insecticide is soluble enough in water that it can be absorbed as the insect feeds off your plant. A contact insecticide is one that is harmful or lethal to the target insect when the chemical is absorbed directly. Here, it's as simple as ready, aim, fire. We suggest using brands such as Sevin and Annual Tree & Shrub to protect against any insect.

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Common signs of fungi are spots, powdery mildew or yellowing leaves. Introducing fungicide either as a preemptive caution or at first signs of infection can control fungal disease by inhibiting or killing the fungus causing disease. Most fungicides need to be applied before disease occurs or at the first appearance of symptoms to be effective. Copper Fungicide and Infuse are recommended to rid your plants of fungus.

If your plant doesn't have any of these signs and you have noticed a halt in growth or bloom, it could be time to fertilize. Your plant may have drawn and consumed all off the soil's nutrients. Two ways to fertilize your plants are through a water soluble mix, Miracle-Gro, or directly added to the soil for a gradual release of nutrients, Espoma Plant-tone.

Don't know what is wrong with your plant? Come on in, we're here to help! Bring in a sample of your wilting or chewed leaf and we'll diagnose the issue and offer a helpful solution to make your plant healthy again. The Farm at Green Village offers a vast selection of pesticides, fertilizers and compost to keep your plants healthy and safe.