CHATHAM, NJ - Chatham Borough Mayor Bruce Harris indicated that a decision on how the annual Fishawack Festival is financed will have to be made in January during the discussion held Monday at the regular Borough of Chatham Council meeting.

The decision will be whether Chatham Borough should continue to run the Fishawack Festival at taxpayer expense or possibly hand the reins over to a private-sector entity.

"All of this needs to be evaluated," Peter Hoffman, council member, said, "including whether a $23,000 net cost should be passed on to the taxpayers. It's a street fair and nice to have, but is it appropriate for a municipality to spend money on a street fair? I'd like to see it continue, but I think it needs more private-sector involvement."

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Chatham Borough took over the costs associated with running the annual June festival two years ago and the net out-of-pocket costs came to $23,000 for 2017. Administrator Steve Williams detailed the costs of running the Fishawack Festival through Chatham Community Services this past year.

To organize and run the event, the cost of wages to Chatham Community Services personnel was $19,588.27. The other costs include $2,912 for the public works department and $20,250 for police.

Steve Williams, the borough administrator, details the costs of running the Fishawack Festival


Council member Peter Hoffman gives his view on the Fishawack Festival finances during discussion Monday