To the Editor:

Chatham Township is one of the most desirable places to live in New Jersey. The schools are regularly rated in the Top 5, property taxes are reasonable, citizens are among the safest in all of New Jersey, and it has a thriving set of community activities.  While there are many factors contributing to Chatham Township’s success, certainly much of the credit belongs to the careful stewardship of local governance.

However, the current leadership of Mayor Kelly and Deputy Mayor Ness are failing the Township on a massive scale.  The Township is at a critical juncture that requires we unify and decide together how we can best manage these trying times.  But Kelly and Ness refuse to listen to all of us, refuse to allow *everyone* an equal voice in these decisions.  They have accelerated a reckless course of partisan decision-making aligned with their own agenda, are unwilling to bend even slightly to listen to their own constituents who have legitimate and reasonable concerns, and hide behind the restrictions of the pandemic to bolster their irresponsible choices.  Mayor Mike and his magic “mute” button have all but silenced any debate.

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I strongly support the team of Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton for the Township Committee.  They represent the best of what Chatham Township is and can be.  Ashley has taken extraordinary and laudable steps to protect our town at great personal sacrifice because she so firmly believes in the concept of prudent local governance that is so sorely lacking in the current leadership.  Mark Hamilton is an intelligent, seasoned litigator who can provide the Committee with the experience and strength needed to navigate through the extremely complex legal and regulatory issues we face.

Finally, the success of Chatham Township stems in large part from a long line of successful leaders.  The continuation of this success is vital to the health of our community.  It is time we got back to fiscally responsible resident first representation.  Ashley and Mark will bring that much-needed shift back to the Committee.  I encourage all of you to do as I will and fill in your mail-in-ballot for Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton when it arrives in the mail. They won’t let us down. 

Rez Estevez

126 Southern Blvd.

Chatham township