BNI Summit of Success, a Summit area networking organization, is holding a Visitors’ Day Wednesday, May 20, 7 a.m., at the Fairmount Country Club, 400 Southern Boulevard, Chatham, NJ. The event will provide local business owners and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with BNI Summit of Success and the networking model the organization uses to help its members expand their customer base, increase their revenue and help their businesses grow. 

The BNI Summit of Success chapter is affiliated with BNI, the international networking organization, which helps business owners and entrepreneurs expand their business opportunities through qualified referrals from BNI membership and maximize their marketing efforts through word-of-mouth marketing.   

When it comes to networking, BNI’s mantra is Givers Gain. “If I help you, then you’ll help me, and we’ll all do better business,” says Dr. Ivan R. Misner, BNI founder and author of Masters of Networking.

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The 30-member BNI Summit of Success chapter comprises professionals representing architecture, accounting, chiropractic, insurance, law, Internet marketing, writing and communication services, and environmental services. The electrical contracting, HVAC, painting and restoration, and home remodeling and renovation professions are also among the fields represented in the Summit of Success chapter.

According to Chapter President Carey Gage, the BNI model is built on the idea that each chapter market segment is represented by one member seat. This benefits an individual member by allowing him or her to be the sole recipient of a referral when another member or a contact of that other member requires the services of an outstanding local professional, Gage says. For example, if a member needs or knows someone who needs a painter, only one person in the group represents painting and that person and that person only is the professional who gets that referral.

“The method presents a great opportunity for a business person to grow his or her market share,” Gage says, noting the chapter has already reported closed business of $488,322.00 on 639 referrals for the period October 1, 2014 through April 8, 2015.

Gage says an added benefit comes from the opportunity for members to work together as complementary partners whose expertise serves a client, whether another group member or a prospective client outside of the group.

 “Visitors’ Day allows us—our chapter and the BNI organization as a whole—to spread the wealth among more business professionals,” says Gage.

“The event also allows visitors to get a glimpse of how to fine tune their networking skills, amplify their networking opportunities and increase their pool of prospective clients,” adds Gage. “Membership steps up their access to networking tools and resources even more.

“For a person developing a solo enterprise, it doesn’t get any better than that.”  

Anyone interested in attending the meeting is welcome. Please call Carey Gage at 973-540-0071 for reservations. For more information about BNI Summit of Success visit  or for information on our parent organization.