To the Editor:

When I read an 8x10 flyer that I got in the mail yesterday, from Clyde and Kobylarz for Council, it reconfirmed to me that every thing you read is certainly not true. Knowing the facts is imperative. Disseminating information correctly is crucial.

The Master Plan is a vision document setting the blueprints for a community's growth, revitalization and preservation. It is AUTHORED by the planning Board NOT the Council.

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The recommendation to evaluate the train station parking for potential use as a raised parking deck, was an issue raised by ONE resident at our first community forum in Feb 2016. At that forum  over 100 residents were asked what they thought of the down town and what could be done to enhance it?

How do you go from ONE person's opinion at a community forum to this following conclusion?   

"Would you like to see a multi story parking deck developed right in the middle of downtown Chatham"?"That seems to be the plan of our current government. Just check Chatham's new Master Plan."

Anyone checking the Master Plan (draft) information provided on our website (step by step for the last nine months) would see that the Master Plan clearly SUPPORTS the open space policies of the Borough and identifies concerns to assure the preservation of the downtown character.

I am running for re election to Council this year to continue the work that I have been involved with on behalf of Chatham Borough. 


Please remember to vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Fife

Council Member

Chatham Borough