Skin Deep Salon and Spa strives to offer clients the latest and greatest information and services that the beauty world has to offer.  With so many individuals determined to discover the fountain of youth as well as reverse sun damage, Skin Deep Salon and Spa is constantly bombarded with the question of, “What can I do to help my skin?” The answer is simple according to owner, Susan Barbaglia, who highly recommends facial peels to correct a plethora of common skin imperfections. 

“Facial peels are not only effective in counteracting hyper pigmentation, sun damage, and smoothing fine lines and acne, but they are also services that can be provided well within a lunch hour.  Peels do not require a great deal of time in order to be successful, they take about a half hour to complete and we suggest that client’s purchase a series of six peels in order for the best results to take place,” says Barbaglia.  

Facial peels contain a variety of ingredients called Alpha Hydroxy acids.  We choose a specific blend according to the client’s specific needs and desired results.  Barbaglia and the skin staff at Skin Deep highly recommend Glycolic peels, as its tiny molecular structure allows the skin to absorb the chemical without irritation.  Retinol peels are also highly sought after as they work from the inside out, stimulate collagen growth, as well as even out skin texture.  As with all peels, the skin will only absorb what it requires and as it is absorbed, immediate results will occur. 

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Skin Deep proudly offers peel packages that allow clients to purchase five peels and receive the sixth peel complimentary!  For more information visit our website at or “like” us on Facebook. To book an appointment, please call (908) 508-1800.

Hours of operation are as follows: Monday and Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday through Thursday 9 AM to 8 PM and Friday 9 AM to 6:30 PM