To the Editor:

Bailey and Taz Brower have spent a lifetime giving to our town professionally, with personal generosity and community service. I have sat by and seen too many show disdain for them over petty political differences, and quite frankly it is wrong and abhorrent. If these detractors could, or have done one-tenth of what the Browers have done for Chatham Township, I would be quite surprised. But, haters always hate, and unfortunately, those are the same folks who wish to dictate how everyone else should live. It is sad. The sale of Noe sadly is the end of a chapter. The great thing is it is the beginning of another.

Whether teaching kids at Noe, or donating time, money and property for the common good, the Browers have quietly and convincingly made our town and our community a better place. Anyone can disagree on the policies of another, but no one can or should disparage the good and decent deeds this family has forwarded to our community for years and years, generation after generation.

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The sale of Noe Pond certainly raises questions of the future for all of us. But placing fear above progress and possibilities is wrong. If that were the case, if fear paralyzed us all, none of us would be running to the ShopRite for a gallon of milk, the Deli for a sandwich, Ace for a key or that special bolt. We would not live in the condo's on River Rd., or the apartments on Hickory Pl., or the wonderful homes of Wickham Woods, or play ball on what is now Shunpike Field. These are a small sample of the progress that has come just during my 58 years. I could go on. All of which were met with the sky is falling when proposed and enacted.

I embrace the opportunity and possibilities of development of Noe, and affordable housing done right. I look forward to the opportunity to embrace new neighbors of all backgrounds entering town using these opportunities as well as Dixiedale. The unfortunate issue is the inept way that affordable housing has been handled by this THE CURRENT COMMITTEE, and the destruction now caused by the move to invoke eminent domain rather than to negotiate and acquire Charlie Brown's properly and in good faith. Now, both parties, current owner, and prospective buyer of both Charlie Brown's and Noe have no reason or faith in our committee or rigged boards of treating them fairly. This will only bring more lawsuits and a lack of trust that these entities will ever be treated fairly. This can only lead to an outcome unsatisfactory for everyone involved, including us.

The time to reverse course is now and is the only way to reach an outcome that will one day lead us all to appreciate in years to come. Progress is inevitable, embrace it, do not fear it. And stop wrecking progress with inaccurate projection. In the case of Charlie Brown's, although painful, the answer should have been the old saying, okay pay the man! We certainly can see the result of the pompous way this was handled by THE CURRENT TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE.

Look to the possibilities, and stop the ridiculous defamation of those who have made progress possible. There is so much more on the horizon. It is time to meet these opportunities with positivity. Our town is different now than it was when my family helped start the Green Village Fire Dept. one hundred years ago, it is different than it was 50 years back when I was younger. And much of our progress has been made possible by the support, dedication, and generosity of folks like Bailey and Taz Brower.

Stay safe and keep your eye on the ball!

Dan Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township