To the Editor:

“We must attempt, rather, to bring people back to the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility...and of individuals working together as a community, to better their lives and their children's future.”  Robert F. Kennedy 

Long before I knew Celeste Fondaco, I knew Celeste Fondaco.  

I live near the Great Swamp power lines and it’s a favorite running spot, especially for Oscar, our family’s tireless rescue mutt.  Over the years we came to know faces and, most importantly, other pups!  So we got to know Angie and Pippin….and, by proxy, their kind owner.  A woman who was extremely thoughtful, funny and open…a lover of nature and so very proud of the Township in which she had spent most of her life.  As Oscar and I sweated and panted, she would shame me with stories of running 70 marathons and dozens of ultramarathons.  And she entertained us with tales of how Chatham evolved over the years from farms and families to close-knit neighborhoods and families and it was obvious that this woman (and her pups) truly loved Chatham Township.  Spoiler alert…..that woman is Celeste Fondaco. Second spoiler alert…..she’s pretty freakin’ awesome. 

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I learned from Celeste that there was a time in the Township when political ideology didn’t matter. Neighbors came together to do massive things like save the swamp from becoming an airport (think about that!!), or reducing Shunpike from being a four-lane parkway to a residential street, and created open space committees to preserve our quality of life and property values.  Celeste was here for that.  She’s able to do amazing things by working with people…..not some people, but all the people. And she continues to do that....not as an elected leader, but just as this cool, funny, tireless omnipresent force in our community.  So many people in the Township love Celeste because she is not just helpful and kind, but because leads on getting things done. 

So let’s let her do it for real. By Voting on November 5. 

So often age and experience get over-looked for the new flashy, just arrived in the last six-month model.  But that’s BS.  Our community is a mix of vibrant younger families and amazing older homeowners……and as someone who received his first AARP letter in the last year, I think we need a Township Committee that represents ALL residents and works to make life better for ALL members of our community. 

Celeste Fondaco understands the long term value of community.  She understands rolling up sleeves in a non-partisan way and getting things done.  She’s already made your life better without you even knowing it.  And you need to vote for her.   

Thank you. 

Bob Higgins

Jay Road, Chatham Township