CHATHAM, NJ - Chatham and Madison will share the cost of new state-mandated police equipment that must be put in place by 2016, it was announced Monday at the Borough of Chatham Council meeting.

Council member James Collander explained that the police department is required to have an ALCO brand breathalyzer ($17,000), a live fingerprint scanner ($33,000), and a piece of equipment that can read palm prints ($19,000). The total cost for the equipment is about $70,000.

Robert Falzarano, Chatham administrator, and Borough of Madison Administrator Ray Codey are working on the agreement, which should be completed in January.

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"We will split the cost," Collander said. "The equipment will be housed in Madison, so our police officers can take suspects to Madison. If they have to be incarcerated, they'll be housed in Madison because they have people there 24 hours. We can be very efficient this way."

"The agreement will be forthcoming in January," Falzarano said. "Madison's police station is in close proximity to Chatham so you won't have that problem if an officer has to get back quickly."

The Borough of Chatham also passed a resolution congratulating the Borough of Madison on the occasion of its 125th year anniversary. The resolution noted that Madison and Chatham have "enjoyed a tradition of cooperation dating back to 1910 when the councils of Madison and Chatham created the Joint Meeting, the first public joint venture of its kind in the State of New Jersey, which is still in operation today serving our communities."

In addition, the resolution highlighted the many services that Chatham and Madison share, such as the Joint Municipal Court in Madison, shared community health services, information technology support services and construction code services.

A resolution setting the annual salaries for borough employees for 2015 was passed. The top-paid borough employees are: Robert Falzarano, borough administrator ($165,685); Phil Crosson, chief of police ($148,072); Robert Venezia, director of public works ($118,742), and Vincent DeNave, borough engineer ($114,408). 

Falzarano gave a report on the goals and objectives the borough set for 2014 and noted that 84 percent of those goals were reached. 

Robert Falzarano, borough administrator, details some of the goals and objectives met in 2014 in video below