CHATHAM, NJ - Texting between a student-athlete and a coach, as well as texting between parents and a coach are now prohibited according to new district policies adopted by a 7-0 vote at the Chatham Board of Education meeting held Monday night.

"If you violate one of the standards, you will be punished," Rich Connors, board member, and policy chair said. "You need to know. It's important to read the athletic code of conduct."

The new policies adopted were No. 9160, "Public Attendance at School Events"; No. 9162 "Athletic Code of Conduct," and the "Chatham High School Code of Conduct for Interscholastic Sports."

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"We're preventing texting and phone messages between student-athletes and coach, that goes both ways, so we're stopping that," Connors said. "We're also preventing texting between parents and the coach.

"There has been an uptick in certain activity by parents, which we as a district find inappropriate and we're stopping it now. If a parent should act inappropriately, they could be barred from attending home games and practices. Parents are not allowed to approach the coach before and after games."

Board member and policy chair Rich Connors highlights some of the policies adopted by the BOE