CHATHAM, NJ - Chatham residents from the borough and the township met at the Chatham Borough Firehouse on Saturday to discuss a proactive way the community can address pushing for a ban of military-style assault weapons.

Former Chatham Borough Council member Jim Lonergan formed the Facebook group "Chatham Supports the Ban of Assault Weapons" and organized the meeting that discussed, among other goals, an outdoor rally of the Chatham Community in late April. Lonergan noted there were about 400 members of his Facebook group at this time.

The meeting revolved around ideas for a focused approach to opposing military-style assault weapons on the market, pressure those running for office in November to agree or disagree with a short list of restrictions, and bring the Chatham community together with an outdoor rally on the subject.

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"The tighter it is, the better it is," Lonergan said. "If we don't keep it tight, then it just becomes a wish list."

After an hour and a half of discussion, there were four issues the group agreed to focus on. 1-Seek the ban of military-style weapons. 2-Seek the ban of high capacity magazines. 3-Tighter and expanded background checks. 4-Raising the age to purchase a gun to 21.

"This should not be a politicized issue," David Mueller, Chatham Borough resident, said. "There are people who are outraged when they see a picture of this assault firearm and you're going to grab people from every single area with that. When you're too broad and it becomes political, you lose people."