CHATHAM, NJ - The Borough of Chatham Council unanimously introduced a seven-page "Tree Protection" ordinance Monday at its regular meeting.

The stated purpose of the ordinance, which will be up for adoption on May 29, is to "...preserve trees within the Borough while recognizing the rights of property owners to make the most beneficial use of their property and the need to respond to emergencies."

"The ordinance is more robust than the previous ordinance and will be able to deal with the current issues and specifically relates to issues with our ongoing construction and reconstruction of our housing stock in Chatham Borough," Council member James Collander said.

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Council member James Collander gives an overview of the "Tree Protection" ordinance, which was first discussed with a power-point presentation in January

The new ordinance covers tree removal prohibitions and exemptions; application and permits for tree removal; permits for tree removal; sets standards for tree removal; requires licensed tree removal contractors; sets up an escrow account for tree replenishment, and establishes rules for tree protection during home construction.

The full "Tree Protection" ordinance can be found HERE

The council also introduced an ordinance that will vacate a portion of the paper street extension of Vine Street, while preserving the pedestrian pathway that connects Vine Street to Tallmadge Avenue.

The ordinance, also up for adoption on May 29, vacates the portion of the paper street that is attached to the properties of 60 and 64 Tallmadge, at the request of the residents.