The Borough of Chatham is well underway in making plans to address issues that may arise as a result of the impact anticipated from Hurricane Sandy.  During the critical stages of these type of events emergency services are often taxed in their attempt to address the many issues that often occur simultaneously such as; downed trees and power lines, road closures, flooding and power outages which affect street and traffic lights throughout the Borough.

Therefore, we want to take a moment to remind residents that they can take some steps to help prepare themselves for these types of events.  The most important thing people can do is have three days’ worth of water and food for each person in the house, batteries for flashlights, cell phones, portable radios and things like that. Be prepared to be without power.  JCP&L does their best to restore power as quickly as possible however; in high wind conditions they are limited in their operations.  Residents should remain indoors during times of high wind to avoid being injured by debris, downed power lines or falling trees.  In addition, residents using portable generators should be aware of the possible dangers so as to avoid accidents or injuries (generator related information can be found on the Chatham Borough website)..  Please abide by all road and sidewalk closures and especially pay close attention to avoid downed wires which can be difficult to see in low light situations.

The Chatham Borough website which can be found at offers safety information, contact information and updated information directly related to Hurricane Sandy.  All emergencies should be reported to emergency service personnel through 9-1-1 and not the administrative police lines.  Reception areas will be set up at the Borough Emergency Squad building and the Borough Fire Department Commons Room where residents can come to charge cell phones, computers and the like. 

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The Chatham Fire Department will not pump out cellars until the rain has stopped and the water in the cellar is above 5 inches deep.  However, if there are emergent circumstances such as utilities being threatened by rising water creating a flood emergency requiring the services of the Chatham Fire Department please contact 9-1-1 immediately.

The Borough will provide storm related updates to our web site and utilize the Everbridge mass notification system as necessary. 

Residents can and are encouraged to report individual power outages directly to JCP&L in the following manner:

Via the web at:

Or by calling: (888) 544-4877

In addition, residents can register to receive mass notifications through the Morris County Everbridge System by going to the following website to register:

This will be the system used by the Borough of Chatham to deliver mass messages to the community.