On July 28 at 10:50 PM, police responded to 40 Broadview Terrace after the resident called and stated that her roof just collapsed. Patrolman Joseph Crecca and Patrolman Brian Colatrella arrived on the scene and determined that a piece of construction equipment that was parked at 18 Broadview Terrace rolled down the hill and into the house at 40 Broadview Terrace. The machine is a large rubber tired Lull forklift that was being used at a construction site at 18 Broadview Terrace. Due to the extensive damage to the house and the smell of natural gas, the Chatham Borough Fire Department also responded to the scene. Detective Jeffrey Battiloro also responded to the scene to assist with the investigation.

The preliminary investigation revealed that forklift was loaded with lumber and parked in the backyard at 18 Broadview at approximately 4:00PM. A wood chock was placed behind the tire and the contractor left for the day. At 10:50 PM the machine broke free and rolled across the backyard of 18 Broadview, into the backyard of 40 Broadview and into the side of the house. The impact caused significant damage to the house but none of the residents were injured. Due to the circumstances, the Morris County Sheriff's Office CIS Unit responded to process the scene. At this time the investigation is ongoing to determine why the machine rolled away from the construction site.