CHATHAM, NJ - Illegal dumping at the Summit Avenue recycling center will now draw a $1,000 fine it was announced at the Borough of Chatham Council meeting held Monday night.

Council member John Holman explained that signs warning of the fine are being put up at the recycling center.

"The ongoing problem is non-recyclable products, especially from people not from Chatham, being dumped there," Holman said. "We looked at several different measures and one of the things that we can do under the current rules is levy a fine to people who illegally dump in that area. We do have access to surveillance, so we can find out who is dumping."

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Holman said that there was a lot of construction material being dumped at the site, including windows, doors, general trash and items such as "bags of sawdust."

"Things are being dumped that obviously don't belong there," Holman said. "We're going to be stricter and we're going to enforce it. If this doesn't work, we'll look at other options."