CHATHAM, NJ - The Chatham Education Foundation (CEF) awarded grants totaling over $57,000 at the Chatham Board of Education meeting held Monday night, impacting students across the School District of the Chathams.

“It looks like the holidays have come early!” wrote Lafayette Avenue School’s fourth grade teacher, Erin

Chatham High School’s Principal, Darren Groh, said, “Thank you so much to the CEF for their
continued support. I know our teachers are going to be ecstatic.”

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These and other responses came as teachers and administrators learned of the newest round of grants awarded by CEF.

Highlights from some of the most-recent grants include:

  • A grant for “Learniture” -- different furniture benefiting English, Math, Science, Art, Social Studies, World Languages and PE/Health classrooms was awarded to Chatham High School. Principal Groh’s grant documentation detailed how the award will allow over 700 students to experience innovative, re-designed collaborative classroom space.
  • Lafayette School (LAF) Principal, Cheryl Russo, was awarded a grant of over $15,000 to extend the school’s Minds in Motion innovative classroom space to additional classrooms.  After Part I of this grant, Principal Russo surveyed students using the newer methods of seating and shared with CEF many positive quotes of students, including, “I like this furniture because when you’re working you can move around,” and “I feel like (the ball chairs) make me pay more attention to my reading.”
  • LAF teachers, Justin Perinotti and Erin Killea, believe their grant award for the Qball, an innovative soft, throwable ball with a built-in microphone, will fundamentally change the classroom learning dynamic by allowing students to more easily share ideas.
  • Grants impacting students at Chatham Middle School, included Principal Jill Gihorski and science teacher, David Peterson’s, grant for the SMART Interactive Display that will pilot the next generation of the Smartboard. In addition, hundreds of students in the middle school media production courses will benefit from the technology provided from cycle teacher, Elissa Cohen-Michel’s, grant for I-pad Teleprompters.
  • Milton Avenue School Principal, Nicholas Andreazza’s, grant for an audio-visual system in the school gymnasium will allow for many new activities, including daily school-wide, structured mindfulness activities that involve seeing, hearing, movement and thinking.

All grants are made possible through CEF’s Fall and Spring Appeals and from the income earned through
CEF’s annual fundraisers, Trivia Night and Casino Royale. The generosity of private donors funds CEF
and encourages teachers and administrators to research new methods and tools, try new techniques, and
spread their enthusiasm to colleagues and students.

To make an annual fund gift to CEF or recognize a teacher with CEF’s Holiday Teacher Tributes visit To see some other recent grants in action check out: