On Monday, March 19th, the Chatham Education Foundation (CEF) awarded its newest round of grants to teachers and administrators of the School District of the Chathams.  This month’s grants, totaling over $19,000, will enhance STEM and Literacy programs at both Chatham Middle School (CMS) and Chatham High School (CHS).

Congratulations to our recipients for their tremendous efforts and the innovation their endeavors bring to so many students. Highlights from the four grants awarded on March 19th include:

  • A grant awarded to CHS for a large format printer will enable approximately 400 students enrolled in Design and Technology courses and Robotics and Technology clubs to print technical drawings and documents on proper-sized paper.  CEF awarded Design and Tech teachers Julianna Ryan, Jason Mariano and Connor Henderson this grant to enable students to complete a variety of hands-on, engineering, STEM-based design challenges using professional tools and materials. This grant will allow students in Robotics and Technology to better compete against schools from across the nation.
  • CEF awarded STEM Supervisor Danielle Dagounis a grant for collaborative idea boards. These tools will allow Design and Technology students at CMS to engage in group collaboration to:  brainstorm, conduct research, develop plans, communicate ideas and engage in hands-on design building. This award will allow the 1200 students in the 6-8 grade STEM classes to have the flexible learning space needed to align with model curriculum learning.
  • CHS English teacher, Christina McCabe, is the recipient of a $2400 grant for her “We Need Diverse Books” grant application.  A diverse selection of 203 book titles and a library management system are to be included in an in-classroom library to better meet the needs and interests of over 100 students annually.  Books that engage students and help struggling or reluctant readers will help students embrace reading and CHS’s independent reading initiative.
  • The CMS Science Department is the recipient of a grant for Pasco Probes.  Each year over 1000 students will benefit from these probes by being able to use these efficient and accurate data collection tools, leaving more time for analyzing and discussing data. According to grant applicant and Science Supervisor,  Kristen Crawford, “Research evidence demonstrates that sustained, guided student use of technology tools for data collection, analysis and visualization helps deepen students’ understanding of science concepts.”  CEF extended a similar grant to CHS in 2016 and we are pleased to extend this type of science learning to CMS.

For the 2017-18 school year, CEF has extended over $82,000 in grant funding.  These grants impact all students and the community by providing technology, classroom of the future innovative furniture and tools and programs to support literacy, STEM, well-being and the arts.

Please consider supporting our students and teachers by joining us for Casino Royale on April 27, 2018, or making a donation to CEF at http://www.chathamedfoundation.org/. The generosity of private donors funds CEF and encourages teachers and administrators to research new methods and tools, try new techniques, and spread their enthusiasm to colleagues and students.