ANNAPOLIS, MD - Mike Judge, an assistant football coach at the Naval Academy, can relate to the 2018 Chatham High football team. He used to be one of them.

Judge, the CHS graduate, and former Navy football captain 2nd Lt. Brandon Jones greeted the Cougars when Chatham head coach Dan Czepiga brought his team to Annapolis last Friday.

'It was a wonderful experience," said Czepiga, who will open his first camp as the Cougar coach Aug. 13. "Coach Judge was great and to get a glimpse into the commitment the players have at the Naval Academy was very beneficial for all the players.

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"Any time you can get players to see what it is like at a high level is very helpful. Navy has a very successful program built on toughness, discipline, and attention to details, while individually they might not be as talented as their opponents, as a team they tough to beat due to those little things that Coach Judge mentioned."

The Chatham team received a tour of the campus and heard about the daily routine for a cadet at the Naval Academy.

"Jones talked to the team about what it is like to play Navy football and about the philosophy at Navy," Czepiga said. "Coach Judge spoke about how he is just like them. He played for Chatham as was happy we could come down. He talked about sacrifice, effort, and discipline."

The Cougars also got to see the Navy football team go through its first practice session of the season.