CHATHAM, NJ - Presidents of Chatham High School’s National Honors Society, Edison Moy and Chloe Tempest, have decided to bring a new tradition into the Chatham community. For the first time ever, NHS will be hosting a new fundraiser: the “We Are Chatham” Carnival.

The carnival will be held on Saturday, May 20th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cougar Field, after being rescheduled due to inclement weather.

At the event on Saturday, one can expect to find inflatable rides, tents, food trucks, and even a stage area -- where hula hoop contests and dance parties will be held. In addition, there will be raffles, wheel barrow races, and scavenger hunts. With countless activities planned, the first “We Are Chatham” Carnival is likely to be an instant hit.

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“Chloe Tempest and I were volunteering at a suicide awareness walk and were discussing last year's NHS service project, Cougar Central, and how it failed,” NHS president Edison Moy said. “We wanted to create a service project to benefit the entire Chatham community and start an NHS legacy. Chloe first thought of the idea of the carnival on that cool September morning, and we ran from there.”

Each booth at the carnival will be run by a Chatham High School club, which will then donate the funds raised to any charity they choose.

“The event makes NHS and CHS more involved with the Chatham community as well as the realm of charity,” Moy said. “By having NHS run and sponsor the event, we hope to create a stronger sense of service and community, not only achievement and academics”

With Chatham’s younger generations participating firsthand in the fundraiser, NHS will be fostering their potential future members to be selfless contributors to the community. NHS leaders hope that the event’s debut will be a success, and that it will eventually become an annual tradition.