Twelve CHS Paddle team players went on the road to Indian Trail on Wednesday to defeat Ramapo High School 32 games to 25 games across 7 matches. This is the third straight win for Chatham High School.
CHS JP Allen and Oscar Jaroker defeated RPS Chris and Sam Martin 6-0
RHS Haley Rebak and Christian Stratis defeated CHS Vishan Vyas and Kelsey Lee 6-3
CHS Jackson Singer and Vishan Vyas defeated RHS Christian Stratis and Sam Martin 6-2
CHS Peyton McGarry and Kelsea Lee defeated RHS Haley Rebak and Ella Alexandrou 6-4
RPS Chris and Christian Stratis defeated CHS Luke Cecere and Max Berkson 6-2
RHS Anja Kearney and Haley Rebak defeated CHS Peyton McGarry and Bridget Eveleth 6-3
CHS Nick Peters and Aerin Zucchi defeated Sam Martin and Ella Alexandrou 6-1