CHATHAM, NJ - Dr. Michael LaSusa, superintendent for the School District of the Chathams, has sent out an email to Chatham High School parents reminding them of a planned "Screen-Free" teaching day scheduled for Friday, March 18.

"This is just a reminder that our school district has planned for a "Screen-Free" school day on Friday, March 18," LaSusa wrote in the email. "Our teachers and staff have worked to plan a day of learning without the use of computer or Smart Board screens. This is a simple experiment as part of our wellness initiative to see how it feels to refrain from screen time for a day and emphasize other forms of interaction in the learning process.

"We will see how it goes and gather feedback prior to the next screen-free day we have planned for May 24. Please feel free to ask your child how the day went and if she or he noticed any difference. We hope this represents a refreshing change of pace as we head into the spring!"