CHATHAM, NJ - Chatham High School seniors Hannah Fechtner and Patrick Oare were named National Merit Scholarship Finalists on Feb. 2. 

Students are selected for this honor based on their performance on the PSAT exam. Each high school student’s selective index is the sum of his writing, critical reading, and mathematics scores on this exam. Fechtner and Oare’s selective indices placed them within the top one percent of students taking the exam nationally. 
Each state has its own qualifying score, and New Jersey has one of the highest selective indices in the country. This accomplishment is commendable for any student, but it is particularly impressive here in New Jersey, given the higher qualifying score that students must obtain.
To become Finalists, Fechtner and Oare completed an application process that included their high school transcripts, essays, and letters of recommendation from their school counselors. Finalists are eligible to earn scholarship money through the National Merit Scholarship Program.