CHATHAM, NJ – According to Matthew Jauchius, chief marketing officer for Nationwide insurance, Chatham is an ideal place to shoot a television commercial.

That was backed up on Tuesday when Oak Drive in Chatham Borough was the scene for a new Nationwide commercial that will air in time for the Winter Olympics.

“We really try to look for locations that represent America,” Jauchius said. “Chatham is a great location in New Jersey and this market is important to us. The local community here was really helpful to us as far as permits and shooting. They couldn’t have been more helpful. The police officers have been fantastic.

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“It really is a friendly place for us to come and they appreciated us coming here.”

Nationwide was so happy with its first day of shooting, which features a Ben Franklin character, that it gave its entire crew new $100 bills at the end of the day.

“We have a product called vanishing deductible,” Jauchius said.  “So we give a $100 off for ever year of safe driving. We advertised it a lot on television and this is the latest ad to advertise that policy. Basically, we try to look for ways to demonstrate visually that you get $100 off for every year you’re a safe driver, so we’re making a creative use of Benjamins to demonstrate it.

“I believe this one will start right around the Winter Olympics. It could start in January so people should look for it then.”

The two-day shoot will conclude on Wednesday.

Nationwide commercial crew wraps up its day on Oak Drive in the Chatham Borough, watch the videos: