Dear Editor,

Despite the Chatham Cougars football team’s loss to Cranford, every single young man on the Cougars team made Chatham PROUD! 

It was reported that Chatham coach Jason Izsa said, “We needed to bring our A game and maybe we brought our B-plus game.” 

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Cranford has always been so dominant that, to tell you the truth, I don’t think the A game would have mattered in the end. The loss to Cranford does not in ANY way take away what from was an INCREDIBLE achievement by the coaching staff and especially this gifted bunch of young athletes to go as far as they did and cause the buzz around Chatham that hasn’t been there for a long, long time.

I know for those on the team, it feels awful not to walk away with a victory.  But, I can say this:  YOU all made Chatham proud and we are indeed lucky that we have you as OUR athletes and we will forever be in your debt for giving us hope. Thank you and God bless you all.


Len Resto