CHATHAM, NJ - Dr. Michael LaSusa, superintendent of schools, announced that plans are in the works to improve the Connected Math Program used at the middle school before the start of the 2015-2016 school year at the Chatham Board of Education meeting held Monday night.

In his report to the board, LaSusa said he, assistant superintendent Karen Chase, and newly hired district math supervisor Denis Sheeran met with members of Chatham Cares About Schools to discuss improvements that could be made.

Chatham Cares About Schools, which had requested the meeting, was represented by Kelley Carney, Carrie Conte, Gail Kology and Suzanne Harkins at the July 2 meeting held in the board offices. At the June 15 BOE meeting, concerns about CMP math program had been expressed by Chatham mothers during the public portion of the meeting.

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Chatham Middle School mothers were concerned with the implementation of CMP and petitioned the board of education for improvements.

Dr. Michael LaSusa talks about the meeting held with Chatham Cares About Schools to improve the Connected Math Program in the Middle School.

"We discussed a number of resources we've been looking at to use in concert with the resources we've been using," LaSusa said. "We talked about communication. We might have presentations in the beginning of the year, but also periodic communication from teachers or supervisors to parents, so they know exactly what is being done in class."

LaSusa stated that Chatham would keep Envision (K-5) and Connected Math (middle school) programs now in place.

"Just like with Envision, I believe it is a good set of resources and many other districts, with whom we've spoken, feel the same way," LaSusa said. "But that doesn't mean we can't improve what our students are getting and, of course, we're committed to doing that."

Another meeting with Chatham Cares About Education will be held in August before any improvements to CMP are formally announced.

Dr. Michael LaSusa, superintendent, answers resident Amy Dziemian's questions about math textbooks for the Connected Math Program.