STUTTGART, Germany – Scott Elmblad has committed to serving our nation as a member of the United States Navy Reserve, in addition to his career as a contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton.

Chief Intelligence Specialist Elmblad, a 1983 graduate of Chatham Borough High School, is currently assigned to Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Tampa, but lives and works in Germany. He first came to Germany in 2011 on training orders with the Navy Reserve at United States Africa Command and was then offered a position as an analyst in Germany with Booz Allen Hamilton.

His time in the Navy Reserve has had a significant impact on his civilian career.

“The integral training I received through the Navy has had a direct impact on my civilian intel job,” Elmblad said. “Performing similar duties in the Navy Reserve and my contracting job has helped accelerate advancement in both the Navy Reserve and my contracting job.”

His decision to join the Reserve staves from a strong desire to serve others.

“The Navy Reserve provided a way for me to continue serving but also stay involved with my civilian employment, my church and stay close with my family.”

Since enlisting in 2004, Elmblad has made a lasting impact in the Navy Reserve. While assigned to U.S. Africa Command Stuttgart in 2011, he was integral in getting the Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare System (EIDWS) qualification started.

“I knew it was important for my fellow shipmates in our rates to have the opportunity to receive a warfare qualification that they may not have had the opportunity to do normally,” Elmblad said. “Especially us reservists who do not always have the chance to perform the duties necessary to obtain the other warfare qualifications.”

To date, over 100 Sailors have earned their EIDWS qualification; for many of them it is their first warfare qualification.

Elmblad is also a Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) Coordinator who dedicates more than 10 hours per month coordinating WWP volunteers and visits to the USO Warrior Center in Landstuhl, Germany. Each group prepares meals for up to 100 Wounded Warriors, providing social engagement opportunities between service members and Wounded Warriors and improving morale.

“As a servicemember I believe it is even more important to be there for those that have gone forward, especially since I’ve been blessed to be in assignments where I have worked in safe

environments,” said Elmblad. “That is what I am reminded of every month that I do this trip; the ones I serve have put themselves in harm’s way so I can do what I do to support them.”

‘Never leave a shipmate behind’ is a creed Elmblad lives by, not just in his service to Wounded Warriors, but to all Sailors he comes in contact with.

“No matter what is happening, no matter what that shipmate is going through, a hand is always extended for them to grab onto and let them know that they are an important part of the unit, the mission and the United States Navy” he said.

Vice Admiral Braun, Chief of the Navy Reserve, is proud to lead such a talented and dedicated group of Sailors. “The commitment of our talented Sailors to the Navy, their shipmates and their community is truly inspirational,” said Braun. “Their continued dedicated service in support of the Navy, Marine Corps and Joint Force lends credence to our motto: ‘Ready Now. Anytime, Anywhere.’”

March 3, 2015, marks 100 years of the United States Navy Reserve. Throughout the year, Navy Reserve units will be celebrating the accomplishments of Reserve Sailors past and present. Find out more about the celebration at