Chatham Science Supervisor, Kristen Crawford, and CHS senior, Naomi Boyd took to
the national airwaves to discuss climate change last Friday with Tonya Mosley, host of National Public Radio’s broadcast “Here & Now''.

Mosley interviewed Crawford and Boyd about how the School District of the Chathams has integrated climate change into our curriculum. This year New Jersey mandated that climate change be taught in all grades from kindergarten to twelfth. Crawford highlights in the interview that the District has taken a multi-disciplinary approach, exposing students to climate change in a variety of courses. Students in English might read a book about climate change, while students in a German class might research and learn about how another country is addressing the issue.

Crawford stresses that the goal is to give students the knowledge to empower them to effectuate positive change without overwhelming them. Senior Naomi Boyd sees herself as part of this change. In the interview, she told Mosley she is alarmed by what she sees happening to the climate because of choices humans are making.

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Boyd talked in detail about how she is particularly concerned about the impact of fossil fuels. As a Green Team member, Boyd has taken an active role in engaging in activities that will help educate others about shifts in behavior that can reduce the impact her generation has on the climate.

In the fall, Boyd will study biology at University of Massachusetts Amherst Honors College and plans to study the impact that climate change is having on birds. The full broadcast can be accessed online at