Who or what am I in the midst of this constant coming and going of thoughts and feelings?  The answer to this question can only be found within ourselves, through MEDITATION.

We understand meditation as an inner journey of exploration to gain fundamental understanding of one’s own Self.  Along the way, as many studies have shown, the traveler will find that regular practice will bring tangible benefits; such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and keeping depression and anxiety at bay, as suggested in Meditation: What You Need To Know a publication by the National Institutes of Health.  We see these benefits as a result of the conscious, mindful integration of the physical, emotional and mental energies.

The meditation journey might also go much, much deeper; Advance Meditation then, is going inside and re-focusing the attention on the consciousness, the awareness that “I AM.”  “To give full attention to the consciousness, no thought, no judgments, no distraction; that is Meditation” as stated by Nisargaddata Maharaj in “Seeds of Consciousness”

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The ancient sages have said “KNOW THYSELF” and this has been confirmed by countless generations of inner explorers.  Let us journey within and explore, let us test the possible answers we might find through our own experience.  Let us allow the deeper levels of our beingness to in-form the character of our personality through meditation.

Join us for a MEDITATION WORKSHOP, no previous experience required, lead by Cesar Godoy, at the Chatham Senior Services Center on three consecutive Fridays: February 26, March 4 and March 11 at 11:00 AM. Each session will last one hour and the whole workshop is FREE.