Dear Editor,

Mr. Routh’s parroting that because we have the highest ranked school district, we should just blindly accept a $25M referendum on faith alone strains credulity.

Chatham students excel because of great teachers and terrific parents who are involved in their children’s teaching from day one. Those that can afford tutors and will hire them and get outstanding results. The canard that Chatham spends less than most towns on a “per pupil” basis needs to be looked at. What’s behind the numbers?  Do the numbers include what parents spend out of their own pocket to help educate their kids?

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Do the numbers reflect the fact that Chatham ranks high in hiring teachers right out of college, teachers at the bottom rung of the pay scale?  You can manipulate numbers to show anything you want to prove. Keep in mind how moving the BOE Administrative offices went from “savings” to a “reallocation of capital.” Keep in mind how “debt service” went from not being part of the operating budget to being a matter of “semantics.”  All of this because the BOE was challenged on their numbers. They just don’t add up.    

Does it concern anybody that Education Counts, a Continuing Political Committee, filed with the New Jersey Law Enforcement Commission has a DIRECT link on the School District of the Chatham’s website?

Does it concern anybody that when you click on that link, the page looks identical to a School District website page?  School systems anywhere in the U.S. should be apolitical. The School District of the Chathams is not by allowing a Political Action Committee be a part of its apparatus, a wholly-owned subsidiary, as it were. That’s just plain wrong and it’s been going on for YEARS

If any voter can read today’s referendum question and know exactly which projects are included therein, I take my hat off to you. You certainly won’t find any guidance in the interpretative statement.  Ooopps, I forgot, there is no interpretative statement, in New Jersey, that’s optional and our BOE chose not to be transparent and provide one. You decide.

I hope you will add to my NO vote today.

Len Resto

Chatham Borough