CHATHAM, NJ - Chatham Superintendent Michael LaSusa reported Saturday morning that Chatham schools are still without full power except for the Chatham Middle School. Milton Avenue School and Milton Avenue School have partial power.

"Without power at so many schools, it is impossible to open," LaSusa said in an email message to parents.

Snow days will be taken from the Spring Break and the issue will be discussed at the March 19 Board of Education meeting.

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Here is LaSusa's message:

I am writing to provide you an update (or lack thereof) on the power status at our schools.  As of this morning, Chatham High School, Washington Avenue School, and Lafayette Avenue School continue without power.  Milton Avenue School and Southern Boulevard School have partial power.  Chatham Middle School is the only school in the district with full power.  As a result, we have been using that school to host some extracurricular activities.  We do not have any concrete information from JCPL regarding a restoration date, but we have been told that the schools are of high priority and that efforts are being made to have the schools back online as soon as possible, possibly by Monday.  I have communicated with the Morris County Office of Emergency Management that we enroll approximately 2,000 students at the CHS/LAF campus alone, and that we are at a standstill without having at least that facility back online.  

I am sorry that I do not have better news to report.  As soon as our schools regain power, we will open back up.  Without power at so many schools, it is impossible to open.  The district calendar states that extra snow days will be taken from the spring break, working backward from Friday, April 6.  The Board of Education will discuss this at its meeting on March 19.

Thank you and I hope that you find relief soon if you are without power.