The first graduating class from Chatham Township High School, the Class of 1966, presented Chatham High School Principal Darren Groh with a Memory Book that they compiled in honor of their 50th Reunion celebration held over the weekend.

"Welcoming the Class of 1966 back to their high school was terrific," Darren Groh, the current Chatham High Principal, said. "It was great meeting the alumni and talking to them about how the high school and community was 50 years ago. It was interesting to see how things have changed and a bit surprising how some things have remained the same."

Gail Chestnut, a member of the 1966 graduating class who was in attendance, taught physical education at Chatham High School in the same gym where the class reunion photo was taken.

The Memory Book contains original photos and text from their 1966 yearbook, as well as updates on each class member’s life after high school.