To The Editor,

As we head to the polls November 4th, I’m once again asking Chatham Township voters for their support as I seek election to our 5-person Township Committee.

I am writing to share a few thoughts about why I wish to serve.

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Since winning the Republican Primary in June, I have met many kind and concerned people committed to this community on every level, whether they are single or newly married, have kids in school or kids who have reached adulthood and moved on, whether they are looking for a bigger house with a bigger yard or seeking to down-size, or wondering if they should consider moving away altogether to preserve assets in retirement. All things being equal, their love for Chatham Township motivates me to protect their interests. We have the very good fortune of living in one of the finest communities in our state and given the opportunity to help keep it that way I promise the folks of Chatham Township that I will aspire to do this every day.

The greatest concern I hear these days is how to make certain that our government constantly seeks to balance conscientious use of our hard-earned dollars and the need to stay current with infrastructure and technology. With a career in financial services spanning four decades I have experience ranging from serving clients engaged in multi-billion dollar transactions to kitchen table meetings about how to put kids through college. My professional experience helping families manage and protect their balance sheets hammers home just how concerned people are that governments large and small are unable to curtail spending, particularly on unnecessary ventures.

There are few greater responsibilities in government than protecting what others have worked so hard for, stretching every dollar of revenue while doggedly monitoring expenditures. The citizens of Chatham Township have every right to demand the fiscal discipline of those trusted with our tax dollars. In a challenging and unpredictable economy, elected officials ought not to be running around looking for more ways to spend our household income, nor should we stand for this at the Township level. It is an utter contradiction to call for fiscal restraint while drumming up support for pet projects.

If elected to join the Committee in Tuesday’s Election, I will be as vigilant as our citizens are in making sure our hard-earned dollars are spent wisely. Each one of us deserves that much.

Please remember to vote on November 4th. Here in Chatham Township every vote really does matter!


Karen Swartz

2 Yarmouth Road