CHATHAM, NJ - An ordinance to set the speed limit at 25 miles-per-hour on Lafayette Avenue from Southern Boulevard to Shunpike Road was introduced by a unanimous vote on Thursday at the regular meeting of the Chatham Township Committee.

The ordinance will be up for adoption on Dec. 10.

During the discussion of the Safe Routes To School grant on installing sidewalks on the east side of Lafayette Avenue, Inwood Road resident Fran Drew had pointed out that there were three different speed limits posted on Lafayette and suggested a uniform limit.

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Currently, there are speed limit signs of 35 MPH, 30 MPH and 25 MPH on Lafayette Avenue in the township. All of Lafayette Avenue in Chatham Borough is 25 MPH.

Chatham Township Police Chief Steven Hennelly noted that it would not affect the 20 MPH signs on the curved part of the road located near Lafayette School and Fairview Avenue.

"Those are not official speed limit signs, they're advisory signs so they won't be affected," Hennelly said.

Chief Hennelly reported that about 4,000 cars travel Lafayette Avenue each day. In using a counter to measure the traffic use, it also was discovered that one vehicle traveled as fast as 59 MPH on the road.

"That was a little disturbing," Hennelly said.

Former township committee member Bailey Brower Jr. spoke during the public portion of the meeting and weighed in on ways to enforce the 25 MPH limit (see video below). Brower advocated for signs that indicate how fast a driver is traveling.

Chatham Township Police Chief Steven Hennelly explains the need for a uniform speed limit on Lafayette Avenue

Former Committee member Bailey Brower Jr. speaks during the public portion of the meeting about ways to help enforce the 25 MPH speed limit on Lafayette Avenue