CHATHAM, NJ - The Chatham Township Committee introduced an amendment to an ordinance that will update standards for Chatham Emergency Squad members, the volunteers who earn points with their service toward qualification for the Length of Service Award Program, also known as LOSAP.

The amended ordinance was introduced by a 4-0 vote of the Chatham Township Committee on Thursday night. The public hearing and adoption vote is set for Feb. 22. Mayor Curt Ritter was absent due to a business commitment.

Since 2003, Chatham Emergency Squad EMTs have had the ability to earn $1,200 deposited in a tax-deferred account by reaching 100 service points in a year working with the Squad. It takes five years of service to become vested into the program.

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According to former Chatham Township Mayor Tom Patterson, now the finance vice president of the Chatham Emergency Squad and a volunteer, 34 of the 60 CES members have qualified for LOSAP.

Former Chatham Township Mayor Tom Patterson, finance vice president for the Chatham Emergency Squad, explains changes to LOSAP in amended ordinance

One key change in the amendment allows for more points to be earned by the Duty Crew Out, which is the group that goes out on a call when the Duty Crew is attending to another emergency. Right now, there is a cap of 10 points that can be earned by the Duty Crew Out, volunteers who are leaving their homes at all hours to help someone in need. If amended, that 10-point cap would be eliminated.

The amendment also calls for Chatham Emergency Squad members to earn points for attending training classes.