How well are we prepared to have fun in cold weather while camping? One weekend in March, thirty-nine scouts from Troop 8 in CHatham found out exactly how well prepared they were.

Although the temperature in the preceding week or so was near spring weather, a cold spell and snow made sure the scouts were not going to experience any temperature above freezing. Notwithstanding the cold, 10 new Boy Scouts who joined the troop a mere 3 weeks earlier braved the cold.

A few inches of snow on the ground did not deter the boys in having fun. The scouts worked on shelter building and cold weather camping skills. Tomahawk throwing was a favorite as were the fantastic food cooked by the various patrols.

Although the temperature dropped down to 20 degrees during the night, the Scouts were well prepared for winter camping. In the Troop 8 tradition, the coveted red T-shirts were awarded to the 10 first time campers. They were Brandon Thomas, Charley Baird-Hassell, Jack Bigham, Jack Tunny, Sawyer Shaw, Thaddeus Kobylarz, Thomas Mitzak, Vincent Miller, Matthew Engel and Jude Morgan.