Cleaners Advantage, a premier delivery dry cleaning service in Madison, Chatham and Florham Park is again at the forefront of being environmentally conscious with their business practices. 

Towns, through ordinances, are actively moving to abolish and/or limit the use of single use plastic. Although dry cleaning businesses are presently exempt from this movement, Cleaners Advantage has already taken steps to reduce their use of plastics. Five years ago, Cleaners Advantage began using a poly material with a much thinner gauge, (.0005) as compared to the average gauge (.65) that most dry cleaners use. 

"Our Cleaners Advantage family shares the concerns of single use plastics and we continue to look for solutions that will protect our environment, yet still deliver the quality our customers expect," said owner Robbin Salmeri. "We have been fortunate to be able to purchase the lower gauge poly directly from the factory and therefore, use 30% less pounds of poly to cover the same number of garments." 

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Cleaners Advantage is currently working with the factory to produce a bio-degradable poly to roll out, in the near future.  As these changes occur, Cleaners Advantage encourages its customers to return their poly to be properly recycled.

"After removing any plastic from your orders, we ask that any poly be placed back in the valet bags for pick up with your next order," explains Salmeri. Cleaners Advantage is committed to providing a quality service, while continuing to work to improve their business practices for their customers, the communities they service and the environment." 

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