Dear Chatham Township Republicans,

Many of you have recently received a Robo call claiming that I used Congressman Frelinghuysen’s endorsement without his permission and other assertions. While I do not mean to add to the madness of this local election I cannot stand by and have my integrity impugned by my opponent and others. Below is a transcript of a message from Congressman Frelinghuysen prior to my using his endorsement on my last mailer.


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Rodney Frelinghuysen

Thanks for your email for this event on June 6th……

……….I am supporting you; you’re the incumbent, you are my friend.  I don’t have 

anything against your adversary but…


Talk with you soon…

…. Hopefully everything will work out with you and common sense will prevail I 

hope.  Hope to see you soon.


Congressman Frelinghuysen and I had a conversation again today and he 

reassured me of his endorsement and his full support of my reelection.


Kevin M. Sullivan

Mayor, Chatham Township