Dear Editor:

Last evening, I phoned both Carolyn Dempsey and Jocelyn Mathiasen to offer them my congratulations on their hard-earned victory. They were both extremely gracious in accepting my call. I offered them every bit of assistance I could provide to help ensure a smooth transition. It is my duty to help them hit the ground running in January. This is how we move forward in Chatham, by offering cooperation and unity. To do anything less would be unacceptable to me.

When all is said and done, life goes on. Strange how that happens! While many may not be pleased with the results, the beauty of yesterday was a record turnout at the polls. That, in and of itself, is to be celebrated. The Dempsey/Mathiasen campaign won this the old-fashioned way: having a great ground game with energized volunteers and a relentless work ethic. I know they’ll bring both those qualities to their new roles as Council Members. I want to work to ensure their success because their success will be Chatham’s success. We all love Chatham. None of us would have run for office if we didn’t. We must never lose sight of that fact.

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We also must never forget that we are all volunteers. The position of Council Member is an unpaid volunteer position and the pension is double that! So, candidates run to improve Chatham while being mindful of its past. My view is that the most important responsibility accompanying the position of Council Member is constituent service. I always strove to help residents with their problems, whether they were local, state or sometimes federal. Residents’ problems became my problems. I know Carolyn and Jocelyn will do the same.

It has been the privilege of a lifetime to have served the Borough as a member of its Council. I also thank the many supporters and friends I’ve gained over the years. I thank those who worked hard on our campaign. Your kindness will always be remembered. I will continue to help the Borough; but, in a different capacity.

During the heat of the campaign, things were said and done that in retrospect we’d take back. But, that’s in the past we must now look to the future. January will be here before you know it. Therefore, let’s rejoice in the fact that so many voted and let’s help Carolyn and Jocelyn make our dreams come true. At the end of the day, win or lose, we all love this special place we call home.


Len Resto