To the Editor:

You can postpone MLB, NBA, NHL, school, travel, etc. But you can never postpone a Chatham Township Committee meeting. In forcing a large gathering, people had to show up to protect their rights. And Kelly ignored the health risk.

Again, instead of using reason and telling the court for public health reasons we would not be coming, Kelly moved forward. Reschedule. Reasonable to anyone, including the court. Our attorney didn't even call the court. Too much trouble, or well-orchestrated? But again, Kelly doesn't stand up for the residents, nor is Kelly putting the residents' well-being first. Just once it would be nice for us to come first. A public health emergency should have brought community concern to come first, but Kelly and Ness saw it as an opportunity to push their unwanted agenda with the least opposition from our most cherished citizens, our elders. Smartly, many of them stayed away, knowing that they would only get false concern from either Kelly or Ness.

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Why did the mayor do this? Because he wanted to suppress your voice. So many did not go to the meeting to protect their health. This is why he pushed ahead, putting many in our community at risk, and keeping so many away. This is why the mayor did not tell the court to postpone due to an unprecedented health emergency.
One thing we can count on, Kelly and Ness will never stand with us!

The issue of affordable housing has been handled in such a poor way, it is laughable, but really brings tears to most of us.

Two years wasted, and now a half-baked remedy on property not even acquired, and surely to be litigated. It is time to stand up to the court, fight for the residents. We must develop our town correctly, not in the slip shod way Kelly has presented it.
Fight the state, not your neighbor!

Kelly won't do it, it is not that he can't do it. He had the gall to tell you what he can't live with, but he sure told the folks on River Road what they MUST live with.

A sad answer, and that they searched for possible properties high and low is an out-and-out lie. I know this for a fact. This committee allowed opportunity after opportunity pass by, and never explored many others. Why, because their secret plan for an extremely expensive new town hall, which now has fallen apart.

My family prays for you folks on River Road, and we share your solemn pain. There really is no answer for the wrongdoing that has come your way. Best thing to do is get rid of these jokers at the ballot box. That truly is the best way to try and undo the wrong done to our beloved town, and one of our most sacred areas on River Road or maybe it should now be renamed Railroad Avenue, as Kelly and Ness certainly have railroaded you, and our entire town.

Daniel Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township