To the Editor:

These three committee people are the biggest hypocrites we have seen in Chatham Twp. politics in years. They, Kelly and Selen, call themselves Republicans, but rest assured they are not. They side with Tracy Ness, a Democrat, every time. Kelly preaches inclusion, as do the others, but they include no other ideas from other committee people, or from the public. Nor do they give a damn about any other issues other than their own outlandish agenda.

If you watch meetings, you will see numerous members of the public come forward, only to get a head shake and a concerning look. Solutions to the issues that people bring forward go mostly ignored, and the public comes back time and time again. These three only care about their radical agenda, not you!

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Look at the Plastic bag ordinance. Not one change that was concerning to the public. Not one change that was concerning to business owners. Not one change that was concerning to the Committeewoman Swartz, or Committeeman Ritter. They rammed through legislation written by another town, purely on the input of their own choir. This is no way to govern. The disrespect aimed at Committeewoman Swartz was quite unbecoming, all from the so called three “includers”. Simple language changes are not even acceptable. If you want inclusive government, don’t look for it from Kelly or Ness. They are the king and queen of my way or the highway politics.

This is why it is clear that we must elect Hamilton and Estevez. They will be attentive to the needs of the public. HAMILTON AND ESTEVEZ WILL END AGENDA DRIVEN POLITICS, AND SERVE THE NEEDS OF THE TOWN AND PUBLIC, INCLUSIVELY AND RESPECTFULLY.

This is the type of inclusive government we deserve, and Estevez and Hamilton will deliver.

Fondaco and Ewald will portray themselves as caring and inclusive, but I assure you they are not. That pair will push through radical agenda driven issues, diminish your home values, and raise your taxes. They are even in favor of zoning changes that will make 75% of homes “existing non conforming”, and limit the potential of property owners to do small or large improvements to your homes. These zoning changes will bring outlandish legal fees and permit charges, for both the homeowner as well as the Township.

For good and decent government that will listen to all sides and incorporate smart ideas to any issue, regardless of the politics of who has good suggestions, WE MUST BE SURE TO VOTE FOR HAMILTON AND ESTEVEZ.

Daniel S. Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Twp.