To the Editor,
As many of you now know, the capital improvements referendum for the School District was defeated. While some may want to celebrate this victory and others evaluate the defeat, I’d like to comment on the democratic process our town just went through. After all we live in a very historic neighborhood!
Democracy is not easy and it’s often not that pretty to watch in action, but you have to admire 
the people from both sides who fought so hard get their opinion known. From the Education 
Focused volunteers who walked most every street in the Chathams handing out fliers, to the 
BOE and Dr. LaSusa who had meeting, after meeting, after meeting to try and clarify what this 

referendum and budget was about and to the many voters who had to sift through all of the debate to make an informed choice.
I’d especially like to call out the volunteers from both sides who were standing out in the rain at 
the train station the last two days fighting to the bitter end to get their points across. How amazing are they?
While I’m sure there are a number of students out there who are disappointed and feel that the town has let them down, let’s remind them that the debate has just begun. Democracy is an 
endurance event, not a sprint (Just ask Dr. LaSusa who just ran the Boston Marathon in 3:13:22!).
So in the coming weeks and months, let’s all please thank the VOLUNTEERS from the Board of 
Education who have done such an amazing job with our school district. And let’s find a way to 
work collaboratively with them so that the kids and the school can get the infrastructure they need to keep our school district a top ranked place of learning.
Great job Chatham, our forefathers would be proud.
Patrick Carroll
Chatham Borough